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    Question Permanent Memory Arrays


    I know there is some way to declare arrays in C++ so they are permanent - that is, they persist in memory after the program has terminated. This is entirely different to converting the array to some other format and storing it, then converting it back when the program is run again. I recall seeing this once before, I just can't remember the format. I can't find this in any textbook.

    Can anyone help!?

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    I don't think this is possible once your program is terminate all your program info is going to be wiped out and there would be no way to recover it from memory.

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    I understand the idea is that, normally, temporary memory is set aside for the running of the program. All the variables etc. relating to the program exist in this memory and hence do not persist after the program has terminated. However I understand there is a way to declare arrays that specifies that the array uses memory outside of this space... and hence it sticks around...

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    You could use a memory mapped file. Memory mapped files are platform specific.

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    thanks, I'll look into that. This could be very powerful - eliminating the need to use databases for many programs...

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    Yea, but once the system is shutdown, you will probably lose the data (If I am thinking of the right thing). That is unless you have a program that copies the data into and out of that, at startup and shutdown respectively.
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    You might be looking for page files, but really if you're talking about RAM then you're slightly out of luck since this is extremely platform dependant. Alot of servers use what you're reffering to in order to organize memory in such a way that data is read/written to fast enough depending on the priority of the module.
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