Thread: reading data from the users input

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    reading data from the users input

    First off, please excuse the fact that there is some syntax of C in here...(i'm trying something)

    I'm trying to read a line of data, that the user enters, and then store it into a linked list...

    it will not continue past this...

    struct link_list
        char info;
           struct link_list *next;
           struct link_list *pre;
    	    printf("\nENTER INFO:");
    	    scanf("%s", list->info);
    Code this

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    From the very limited amount of code you've shown, I'll take a stab. You are trying to store a string in the info variable in the link_list structure. You are only declaring a single character though. You need to make this an array or a string. Also, if you use an array, then you had better use fgets to retrieve the input from the user and not scanf.
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