Thread: Labels in C++?!!?

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    Unhappy Labels in C++?!!?

    Is there such thing as a LABEL in VC++ ? I find it very hard to believe that there isn't one since there are TextBox, ListBix, and even ComboBox controls but no label???

    Any helpful information is welcome!!!


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    I assume you are talking about Win32 programming. Just use the function "TextOut()". Look it up at the MSDN website. It's just the same as Visual Basic labeling.
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    Indeed i have tried that with no success, i can't seem to have it become visible. Any ideas why?

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    lol, 'indeed'

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    Go to MSDN and look up "Static Controls"

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    k, did that, now what am I looking for in Static Controls?

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    A label, (a text string basically), is one of the static controls. You can specify them in a resource file using either CTEXT, LTEXT or RTEXT, or create them dynamically with CreateWindow() using the class name STATIC.

    If you can't get TextOut() to work, (it returns zero on failure), call GetLastError() imediately after the call and find out what you are doing wrong, (I bet it's the device context).
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