Thread: Coding C++ to play *.wma files

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    Coding C++ to play *.wma files

    OK, I just want to know if I'm going the right direction with this.

    I'm trying to write a routine which will give a list of songs and artists, tied to an ID number, so when an ID number is selected the song will play.

    I know that you can play music directly from a command prompt ("C:\path to player\wmplayer.exe" "Path For the Song File\filename.wma") and am thinking that I could do this in C++ using a "while", "if" and "else if" format.

    Has anyone played with something like this in the past? If so, what brick walls did you run into and how did you break through them?

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    You might get a neater solution by looking at some Microsoft APIs. Maybe DirectX has WMA support - search MSDN (use google, just use msdn as a search term) for an API call you can use. It's likely you'll have to use some API calls anyway - inorder to decode information that's embedded in the file (like artist, etc...), you'll either need to program the whole thing yourself ( may have the file format if that's what you want to do), or use an MS library.

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    If you want to play the file with Windows Media Player, you could try the ShellExecute function:
    ShellExecute(NULL, NULL, TEXT("C:\\SomePath\\filename.wma"), NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE);
    If you want to play a WMA file without opening WMP, you can use mci as shown by this webpage. Here is a simple sample:
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #if defined(_MSC_VER)
    #pragma comment(lib, "Winmm.lib")
    BOOL PlaySong(LPCTSTR szFile)
    	TCHAR szCommandString[1000];
    	wsprintf(szCommandString, TEXT("open \"%s\" type mpegvideo alias MediaFile"), szFile);
    	/* By default mci functions will return immediately and the task will be carried out
    	 * asynchronously. To have the function wait, place the word "wait" at the end of the
    	 * command string. ie. "play MediaFile wait" */	
    	if (ERROR_SUCCESS == mciSendString(szCommandString, NULL, 0, NULL) &&
    	    ERROR_SUCCESS == mciSendString(TEXT("play MediaFile"), NULL, 0, NULL))
    		return TRUE;
    	return FALSE;
    int main(void)
    	if ( !PlaySong(TEXT("C:\\PathTo\\My Music\\MySong.wma")) )
    		printf("Failed to play song!");
    	return 0;
    The mci command language has many more options. For example, you can pause and resume, play a specific part of the song and get notification of when the song finishes playing. The mci reference is here.

    Another alternative is DirectShow. This is a DirectShow sample that plays a file.
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