Thread: general game hacks question

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    general game hacks question

    k, this is more as in i'm curious in how its done, and i'm ready for the bad feedback you are all gonna flame towards me :].. but maybe i'll get an answer

    well yea, I was wondering how the hacks used for games actually work. well, the multiplayer ones atleast.

    i understand that in a single player type game, you can look for where it's saved in memory location, and then edit it,

    but what about multiplayer? how does the whole thing work
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    Well, game hacks are usually one by editing the stuff that get saved into the ram. A good place to get one of these programs to do it in is Here. Also try searching for Artmoney, although i prefer CheatEngine. Multiplayer hacks work in the same way, as varibles get stored n you ram before they are sent to server (usually). Sometimes they don't, and a lot of the time, he calculations are done the server itself, thus complely obliterating your chances of cheating.
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