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    Vector bounds check

    How would you write a Vector template class that checks the indexes passed to the [] operator to make sure they are correct....
    I have this so far

    template <class T> class Vector
    Vector(int size_t n);
    std::vector<int> array;
     try{ = 0; 
    catch(std::out_of_range o){ 

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    Not sure I understand. Are you trying to derive a vector sub-class that provides bounds checking?

    If so, vector::at() already does bounds checking. It throws a std::out_of_range exception if the value is not in the range.

    Thus you use [] when you want the speed of an array, and at() when you don't want to hurt yourself (especially with calculated or arguement values which could be invalid).
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    Yes thats what i'm trying to do...derive a template vector sub-class that provides bound checking

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    In your child class, provide an at() function or redefine operator[] such that you do something special (throw an exception, for example) when the inputted index is equal to or greater than size().

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