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    File I/O searching...


    Im having trouble with file I/O.

    My problem is this, i have a file of formated data like this:
    KEY: 34
    djflkj jsdklfj asjdflkj adslkfjljlajo eoiwj jlifjlk dlksajlkmlkbn lkjdlkjoi oqiwjeoi kjd
    KEY: 34
    KEY: 35
    This is Plaintext... wow, its great for people to be able to read me ;)
    KEY: 35
    KEY: 36
    kjldflk alkjsfoi oijf oidsjfoim lkjvl kjaofijowieajfl lkjsfe
    KEY: 36
    Of course the example above is made up, but the format is the same. Basicly what i am trying to do is take files from a wordlist, store them to a string... then scan all the keys(usally from 1-1000) for common words to narrow the search down. What I dont understand is how i can print what KEY number the word is found it because of the randomness of the output... Any suggestions?

    PS. the program i am working on is simply a program to expirment brute forcing with the Beufort/Vinger ciphers, turning grilles, and other old crytograhic devices...

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    If you want a relationship to exist between key number and word (and both are unique), then I suggest using <map>. That's the STL's version of associative arrays. They let you do stuff like
    map<int, string> m;
    m["the answer"] = 42;
    But if the keys are sequential like in your example, then a vector of strings might suffice.

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