Thread: GUI based DataKeeper tut?

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    GUI based DataKeeper tut?

    Hey everyone. I am some what new to C++ but I have made a few command line programs and tweak a few to get th genral layout of C++. Whaty I was wondering is if anyone knew of a tutorial or 2 I could look at to help me make a GUI based DataKeeper. What I want to do is help my friend who owns a local videostore and the current one they have is out of date and buggy as hell so I thought I would make a datakeeper for them. Only problem is I think there still using Windows 95...>_> is there anyway I could make it in Dev-C++ and have it be compat with Windows 9X platforms? Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks
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    To get started with GUI programming using Dev-C++:

    There are GUI programming frameworks that you might want to try as well. I list a few here:


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