Thread: Writting a call to Excell in a DLL?

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    Writting a call to Excell in a DLL?

    Right now i've got a C++ DLL i've written to do various functions in another piece of software I'm using (Tradestation). Ideally, i'd like to be able to add a function call to the DLL that will open Excel -> open a work book in a fixed location -> (and preferably) automatically run a macro.

    I know it's easy enough to order it to start Excel and open the workbook, but is it possible somehow to also get my DLL to order Excel to automatically run a macro?

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    Does Excel accept command line arguments?

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    2 ways

    Use the ShellExecute API to open the xls file. If the spreadsheet has a macro called "AutoExec", rhen that macro will run automatically

    Otherwise you need COM to create an instance of the Excel.Application object. This interface will offer methods to open workbooks, as well as to run macros

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    A preview of what you're getting into if you go the COM route using C++:


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