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    Importance of...

    Two simple things...

    1. Is it important to include

    return 0;

    in int main()?

    As i understand this tells the program that it has executed successfully however it doesn't seem necessary (in as much as it works without it). Should i be including it or is it okay to omit it? (from the perspective of good programming practices).

    2. Do you still have to seed the random number generator? (ie. srand before rand). In php it is no longer necessary as it's done automatically but i get the impression that with C++ it is still required.

    I really appreciate the help i have received from members of this forum to date, thank you.

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    No, return 0 is not required. However, it's good programming practice to include it.

    Yes, you still need to seed the random number generator. I hope this helps you out!

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    I cast my vote with SirCrono6 on both issures.

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    Thanks =)

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