Thread: I need help..anything will be appreciated

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    Lightbulb I need help..anything will be appreciated

    I need to enter information into a vector inside a it goes--

    class aStudent

    string names;
    vector <int> scores;
    double average;
    char grade;

    and when I call this class--

    void (istream infile, vector<aStudent> classList)

    aStudent student;

    infile(input from a file -- student.dat) >> >> ????

    how do I import this information into this vector inside this class...I know its no too hard but I cant find it anywhere... once again...anything will be very appreciated...thx in advance

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    something like that?
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Thx for reply...I tried that but it didnt work???...anything else...once again thx u!!!

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    If you're not initialising the vector with a size then you can use -


    to dynamically add items to a vector.

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    thx the vector doesnt want to get initialized at all...i giving me an error...const vector...if you take out the size it goes away...Im gonna try yours to c if it works...and THX A LOT BUD...

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