Thread: c++ w/o a window

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    c++ w/o a window

    How do I make a c++ program run in the background with no window?


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    Write a GUI program without the GUI. Since you neglected to mention your OS, I can't really be more specific. But we have both a Linux and a Windows forum that could add more detail if you use one of them.
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    Windows with MSVS 6.
    Write a GUI program without the GUI.
    I thought of that, but I was wondering if there was a command like KillConsoleWindow() because I would like to have the console for the first part of the program if possible.

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    Why would you want a program running w/o someone knowing it was running? If you are wanting to write Systray programs, check the SDK. For drivers check the DDK.

    For other programs that run w/o the user knowing about it, consult the FBI.

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    You need to create a Win32 Application, but make sure it's not a Console application - that automatically creates the console window.

    This way, you can, for example, run as a system service. (Apache for example has no window and no SysTray icon (the one you see is a separate app) - perfectly harmless application.)
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    yeah..theres nuffin wrong with it...u might want to intergrate an opensource a your program..but might not want its window running..instead..u might want the render to happen inside your program..i suppose it makes ur app look for professional.

    BTW: Im a total noobi..How would u du this in OSX?


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