Thread: File Reading Problem

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    File Reading Problem

    Hello, everyone. Like to thank all those who took the time to look at this thread. I'm in need of some assitance. I'm trying to get a program to read from the second line instead of the first line of a txt file. Here is what I have so far:

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <fstream.h>
    int main()
      char a[200];
      ifstream inFile("a:\\joey.txt", ios::in);
    That makes it get from the first line. But everything I've tried to make it read from the second instead, hasn't worked. So can anyone help me out?

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    the post what u have done is not relavent to this board. this is 'C' board form.


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    Moved to C++ board.
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    try this:
    #include<iostream>  //standards-compliant header
    #include<fstream>   //same as above
    int main()
        char*line=new char&#091;256&#093;;
        std::fstream file("Untitled1.dat",std::ios::in);
        file.ignore(32000,'\n');        //ignore 32k chars, or up to '\n'
        file.getline(line,256,'\n');    //take in the next line, up to 256 chars
        std::cout<<line;                //output the line
        std::cin.get();                 //wait for user input
        return 0;
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