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    fread item_size limit

    I'm using the function fread to read binary data from files.

    According to the MSDN, fread has the following parameters:

    size_t fread( void *buffer, size_t size, size_t count, FILE *stream


    Storage location for data.

    Item size in bytes.

    Maximum number of items to be read.

    Pointer to FILE structure.

    When I read data from a local drive all is fine. Whenever I read data from a network path ( even my own drive shared and mapped as network path ) my item size may not be more than 64MB. If it's 64MB+1 Byte, fread fails. As I know this now, I can simply read more items, because I end up with itemsize*count bytes anyway, but I'm curious. Why is this ? Does anyone know why there is a 64MB limit ? There was no mention in the documentation...

    BTW: System is XP and 2000 both having these problems.

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    I am not sure, never had this kind of problem. But, from past experiences with sockets, I know that, dependening on the protocol used, you must transmit/read information in chunks. For example, Ethernet, there is a MTU (which I don´t know, sorry), if you want to send more than MTU, the send function does not fail, but does not send all data. You should manually read/send remaining chunks. Something like this:
    char* my_read(int bytes_to_read, FILE* file){
       int count = 0;
       char* bytes = new char(bytes_to_read);
       while(count < bytes_to_read){
          count = fread(&bytes[count], 1, bytes_to_read-count, file);
       return bytes;
    If the function really fails and does not return anything, you could do:
    while(count  < bytes_to_read){
       //read 1 mb at a time
       count = fread(&bytes[count], 1, 1024, file);
    Note: I haven´t compiled this code, in any case, it is just a pseudo-code

    Hope that helps!

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    2 ^16 = 65536
    64mb = 65536 KB

    Maybe it uses a short to read KB?
    Not sure... any ideas?

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