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    c++ and on

    I think I've basically learned the basics to c++. I wouldn't say I'm a master at it or anything but I have read and practiced most of the information all the way up to classes and linked lists and stuff.

    I don't know what to do from here. I have been unable to find any information for where to go from here, such as the next step or anything. Should I go into learning another language? Also, I haven't learned how to do anything visual in C++. Just basic user input and then there is an ouput on the screen. I don't know where to go from here or even how to get any information or a tutorial for how to go about learning this stuff.

    Can someone please help me out,

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    I suppose you answered your own question in your musing. If you want to do something graphical that could very well be the next step. There is no "next step" its not a simple progression such as learning some of the things you would in the language itself, such as input, ouput, operator overloading etc. Some things never require graphics at all... and if you are happy with that, then more power to you. You might want a different language to put perspective in programming for you, or you might want to continue honing your skills in this one. No one is really true master of programming, there is always more to learn

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    before going into graphics, I would learn a little about OS-specific things, like how to create a 'real' program in windows. I.E. programs with buttons, text boxes, etc. You'll need to know a little OS-specific code for any real graphics anyway.

    You should always be learning other languages as well. the other languages you learn will seem a little easier now that you know the science behind the programming.
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    My advice in this situation is always the same: implement a card game. If that's too easy, implement the AI for an opponent. Even if you don't learn too much, hey now you've got a game to play!

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    I went from c++ to card game to winAPI

    I think that's a good way to go.
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    Look into learning about the STL (Standard Template Library) if you haven't done so already.
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