Thread: File stream to a printer in different FONT TYPE ?!

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    File stream to a printer in different FONT TYPE ?!

    Hello everybody, recently I am trying to write a simple C++ program that will sent the text of a file to the printer through the help of output file stream operation. However, I am having trouble in how to change the FONT TYPE of the printing text, and I will be really please if someone could give advice on how i can achieve this goal. By the way, I am using turbo C++.

    Thanx ^_^.

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    have you tried itoa();?

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    Thanx for the advice, but the function itoa() is used for converting string to integer only, it has nothing doing to alter output font type to the printer ! Any more advice, please let me know.

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    Anyone have any more idea on how to achieve this operation. Pleassss let me know, I really need it urgently! Thanx.

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    If post up some code (ideally the whole program) that you use to print the text file I maybe be able to help you.
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    Speaking of different fonts is there any way to change the font size that is displayed?

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    I find printing a bit of a grey area when programming with C++.

    Does anyone know a good place to learn get info about printing.

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