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    C++ output to C

    I write C in the embedded area; I don't know C++ but would like to use the language. Is there any C++ compiler that would generate ANSI C code that I could then compile with my compiler to produce code for my applications? I don't know of a C++ compiler for the Freescale (Motorola) microcontrollers but would like to know of one if it exists.

    I checked the posts but did not find this answer. So basically I am looking for a way to use C++ with the HC12 processor.

    Thank you

    Robert Lewis

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    You might want to try

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    Or even GCC

    Lists the "M68hc1x Options" as one of the supported processors.
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    Exclamation Just be careful!

    You need a good compiler/IDE with some good tools. With an embedded system, it's usually important to know exactly what's going on with the memory, stack, CPU registers, etc. Every embedded system has a different hardware configuration, so your development system should be specifically designed for embedded work.

    You are taking a risk if you use a compiler that's not approved by the microcontroller manufacturer. If your system has an operating system, the operating system provider is usually the best source for a compiler.

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