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    Look. I have Nomad mp3 player and i live in Thailand. The problem is that Nomad doesnt suport thai language. All album names and song names that are written in Thai in my Nomad mp3 are shown as little squares and # signs.

    The question is: how can i modify the firmware that is in nomad so it can support thai language. There is SDK on for Nomad however it is just for creating PC applications that work with nomad.

    You can also download latest firmware (application that runs Nomad) on for Nomad. But how can I see the c++ code??? i cant decompile it to see c++ code as far as i know. So any suggestions how can i modify the firmware to support thai language.

    Thank you.

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    No you can't decompile it to c++, well not realy there are so called c++ decpilers available but the generated code would look nothing like the origional.
    It might be worth contacting creative and asking for thai fonts to be added to the next firmware.

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