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    wierd error message

    Hi there everyone I'm trying to output an array to a text file but for some reason I keep getting an error message. Would anyone have any advice
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    class packunpack
    	char lname[15];
    	char fname[15];
    	char email[36];
    	char stuid[15];
    	char buffer[65];
    	ofstream outfile("fixlength.txt");
    friend ostream& operator <<(ostream &stream, packunpack &p)
    	return stream;
    friend istream& operator >>(istream &stream, packunpack &p)
    	char buffer[60];
    	char fixlng[5]={"    "};
    	stream.getline(p.lname, 15, '\n');
    	strcpy(buffer, p.lname);
    	strcat(buffer, fixlng);
    	stream.getline(p.fname, 15, '\n');
    	strcat(p.buffer, p.fname);
    	strcat(p.buffer, fixlng);
    	stream.getline(p.stuid, 15, '\n');
    	strcat(p.buffer, p.stuid);
    	strcat(p.buffer, fixlng);
    	stream.getline(, 35);
        strcat(p.buffer, fixlng);
    	cout << p;
    	return stream;
    void main()
    	packunpack t;
    	fstream infile;"f.txt", ios::in);
    	infile >> t;
    Anyone have any idea whats going wrong here. I get error message
    error C2059 it says 'string' and that is it
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    Well, knowing the error msg would make things simpler

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    > ofstream outfile("fixlength.txt");
    My guess is it doesn't like instance information in a class declaration.

    > void main
    And everyone should object to this!
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