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    Arrow key reading

    How may I get my program to recognise the arrow keys? I can get ESC key recognised with 27, but there is no ascii number for the arrow keys as I am aware. But there's surely another way to do it.

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    Which OS and Compiler?
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    I think the arrow keys return a scan code. The scan code for the two most popular types of keyboards are:

    up arrow: 75h or 48h
    left arrow: 6Bh or 4Bh
    down arrow: 72h or 50h
    right arrow: 74h or 4Dh
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    Well this is what I do to find out ascii code of key I wanna know. I use debug window of borland c++ 4.0 with this:

    int key = getch();
    Then i use the debug window and look at the value of key for the ascii number. Always worked so far for me so, for '0' it's 48 on my pc.

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