Thread: problem installing TURBOC in my system

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    Question problem installing TURBOC in my system

    Please help me with the process of installation of TURBOC software in my system(WIN XP)
    Please give me the steps to do so.

    I clicked on turboc.exe and there were lot many files on my desktop
    After I installed it, i wrote a simple code to test ,which was giving errors like
    "Cannot understand iostream.h,cin,cout"


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    If I'm not wrong, Turbo C is very outdated.

    Try Dev C++ instead:
    Just Google It. √

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    Yeah, I think Borland Turbo C++ was for 16-bit Windows. (Windows 95 was the first 32-Bit version of Windows.) It might work, but it's probably not worth the trouble, and if it's that old it will not conform to the current C++ language standard.

    Dev-C++ is very popular, and FREE! I always recommend that beginners get something popular, so they can get help.

    If cost is an issue, check-out the list of free compilers at Microsoft Visual C++ is probably the most popular compiler. You can get a free beta version. Non-beta versions are $100 USD and up.

    Dev-C++ and Visual C++ (and Turbo C++) are Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)... They come with an editor and other tools. Some of the free compilers are just compilers, without the extras.

    Compilers are complicated... I've never had one work the first time "out-of-the-box". It may take you a half-day or so to get in installed and working... Always try "Hello World" before writing a more complicated program, and don't give-up if it doesn't work right-away.

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    Get MSVC student edition.

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