Thread: Timer use?

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    Timer use?

    I'm writing a program for my 2nd grade daughter.

    She has to do 100 math problems in 2 min's for her class. Now the programming problem I have is how to create a timer that will stop placing new math problems up after 2 mins or any other x number of seconds.

    Can anyone help here.


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    You can use funtcion time() defined in <ctime>. Use this function with a NULL argument (or 0) to return the current time in seconds.

    Here's a little trick that could check for the elapsed time ( its not 100% accurate in timing though ):

    bool loop = true;   // loop variable
    int current = time(0);   // get time in seconds
    int finish = current + 20; // specify deadline wich is current
                                           // time plus 20 seconds
    	current = time(0); // update current time
                //  ask questions and investigate answers here
    	if(finish < current)
    		loop = false;
                // if deadline is less than current time ; it means the
               // time's out and we should terminate the "questions loop"
    This will stop asking the questions within the loop after 20 seconds , which is what you want , but she can take her time on the last question though.

    hope this helps
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    Perfect, thats what I was looking for...

    Appreciate it.

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