Thread: Assignment Help !! (Student information system)

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    Assignment Help !! (Student information system)

    The objective of this assignment is to develop a student information system to manage the students’ information.

    The student information system should be capable to perform the following tasks:
    •Add a new student to the database,
    •Delete a student from the database,
    •Modify a student’s information in the database,
    •Display all students’ information onto the screen,
    •Save the students’ information into file,
    •Load the students’ information from file, and
    •Exit from the system.

    The system manages the following information of a student:
    •Student’s name,
    •Student’s ID
    •Student’s CGPA

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    And the problem is?

    Show us your attempt, ask specific questions, and we will gladly help you.

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    What language/database are you even doing this in?

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    I have a database class that actually fits those needs right off. So I actually accomplish the objective!

    Wait, you weren't asking me if I could do it?

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