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    I have to write a program that ask the user to enter the customer bill and amount paid. Then return the amount of 10 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, 1 dollar bills and quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. I was wondering does any body have a suggestions about how i could go about doing that. send me an email

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    Welcome to the boards.

    I'd suggest one of the following:

    1) use paper and pencil or your favorite word processor to generate an algorithm about how you would do this without using a computer first. Then change the syntax of your written protocol using your nativelanguage into C/C++ syntax. When/if you run into a specific problem with the theory, the protocol, the code, or an error message, post appropriate information.

    2) search the board(s). This problem, and several similar ones, are the subject of relatively frequent posts as they serve as a convenient problem to help students learn about many of the techniques used in writing code using a real world activity that every one has had experience with and without needing to do a lot of high falutin math or an esoteric algorithm to solve the problem from a logistic or coding point of view.

    But I warn you that option #2 may take as much energy as writing the project yourself, and I gaurantee you the learning process isn't anywhere near as effective or as rewarding.
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