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    Angry Exception handling !!!

    ok i just started learning this exception handling thingy and i'm really confusing myself.

    If exception handling used so we don't have to do error-checking too often , then why do the catch block has to come right after try block? it doesn't make sense to me..

    ok so here are my questions :

    - Do i have to manually throw all exceptions manually or are there exceptions that gets thrown automatically? (like new's bad_alloc fpr example , i'm guessing so i don't know)

    - Whats the difference between :
    	throw length_error("Error");
    	catch(length_error &c)
    		cout << c.what() << endl;
    	throw "error";
    	catch(char *str)
    		cout << str << endl;
    both work the same way !!!!

    - last question .... what sensitive tasks require exception handling? (other than new)

    any help is appreciated

    this thing is really making me nervous
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    Exceptions aren't so you don't have to do the error checking. Its for the situation where the function doesn't know what error handling should occur for a given error.

    For example new. If it fails to allocate memory it throws an exception. Why? Because it doesn't know what you want to do when you encounter that error.

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    I read an article in Dr. Dobbs Jounal about exceptions. They are supposed to be used for things that are beyond your control. Things like no memory available, the user loads a corrupted file, etc.... Things that go wrong with the system, or things that the user does... They should not be used to catch programming bugs.

    Like most casual/hobby programmers, I've never used 'em. AFAIK, the catch block doesn't have to come right after the throw. I sort-of think of exception processing as a special case GOTO. It breaks the normal flow of your program.
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