Thread: Initializing an arrays of integers

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    Initializing an arrays of integers

    int a[10] = { 0 };
    This will initialized all elements of a to zero on MS Visual C++ and Dev-C++ I'd like to know if this is part of the C++ standard or if it's compiler dependent. If possible, could you guys provide me a link where I can read about it? Thanks.

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    When you use an initializer list for an array, if you specify fewer values than the array size, the rest of the array will be initialized with 0. Try this:
    int a[10]={100};
    I think it must be part of the standard, but I couldn't say for sure.


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    It's standard - all remaining initialisers are set to 0, '\0', 0.0 or NULL (as befits the type of thing being initialised).
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