Thread: my account is blocked - MystWind--why?

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    Exclamation my account is blocked - MystWind--why?

    when using the forum on MystWind I wanted to post but it blocked ! when I looked at the end of the page I say that I might post , reply , place attachments NOR send a private message ! What did I do ? any of you know what I ( MystWind )did wrong ? K3 --- please explain me.

    thanks , MystWind.

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    I will investigate why this happened, but you may find comfort in the fact that perhaps this wasn't an accident, as you just posted this in the C++ forum when it really should've been done in an email to the administration or at least in the General Discussions forum, and you might be breaking forum rules by registering a second account to get around a banning. I'll let you know.

    edit: Thread closed; PMs will be used for the reminader of this matter.

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