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    I have a few questions. I have to write a program which draws data from a file, and compares two strings, character by character. If the characters match, is counts as 'correct'. If not, then it counts as 'incorrect'. Then I must count the number correct, and convert that into a percentage.

    1.) How do I have the user input and call a file from the keyboard?

    2.) How do I compare the srings character by character without the program ending as soon as it encounters a mismatch?

    3.) How do I count the number of correct answers?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    It would appear that all three of the above questions are simply asking, "How do I create this program?" So my answer to you is, "Learn C++".

    This sounds an awful lot like a school assignment that you are unprepared for. Try writing some of this program on your own to show us that you're not here because you've slacked off until the last minute, post your code and ask any questions you can't do on your own, and then you can expect to recieve some help.


    I'm closing this thread because you're asking for help on the same program. Please limit yourself to one thread per problem. You may find some help in the tutorials on this site.

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