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    Full Screen

    Hi, could some one please tell me a piece of code in c++, not mfc, on how to make it DOS window a full screen. like, when the program is run, it runs in full screen. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermi3
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    I don't know any code for it but you can push Alt-Enter.
    My computer is awesome.

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    Read my post here:


    In the AltEnter() function remove the line "SetForegroundWindow(GetConsoleWindow());"

    GetConsoleWindow() is only available under XP and 2000 Server.
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    In the console, you could try this, but it isn't very good and doesn't take into account different screen resolutions.
    system("mode con:lines=100);
    system("mode con:cols=200);
    Another way you could do it would be to include the directX lib files and use them, but thats slightly more complicated

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