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    Bad System Call

    Im doing this program using Cygwin instead of Linux, and it uses the message queue. I tried a simple program and it worked on cygwin, but then i tried this program and it compiled fine, but when i tried to run it, i got this sent back to me:

    Bad System Call

    and the program didnt run. Heres my code to view what functions I call.

    Thanks, I hope someone can help me with this.

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    Talking No repiies yet... so time to start guessing!

    First, are you running "Program B"? It looks like A and B are supposed to be running simultaneously.

    Are these messaging functions supported by Cygwin? Maybe the Linux-specific stuff compiles OK, but won't actually run in Windows???

    If all else fails, maybe you'll have to start commenting-out lines 'till it executes. Or better yet, comment-out (almost) everything and un-comment a few lines at a time.

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