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    Question text files

    I have created an input stream to read from a text file. I am able to read the first line using Infile.get(array,characters,'\n');
    How do i read the second line? How do i get the program to read the next line form the text file.

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    Call infile.get in a loop perhaps?
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    Call infile.getline() in a loop that checks for the .eof() flag to be set.

    What is EOF? and Why using feof() in a loop is bad, and ways to fix it.

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    getfile keeps reading the same line. I tried it in a loop and it still reads only the first line. Could u plz give me a small example.

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    std::ifstream file("yatta.txt");
    std::string line;
      std::getline(file, line);

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