Thread: overloading the assignment operator

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    overloading the assignment operator

    I am trying to overload the assignment operator to copy two linked lists (List1 = newList). and i want the data members of the arguement and everythin to which the data members point copied..

    so i guess in my template(ItemType)/class(List) i should have a member function like this:

    void operator=(List<ItemType>);

    and in its implementatoin sumthin like this:

    template<class ItemType>
    void Stack<ItemType>:perator=(List<ItemType> newList)
    //now im just havin trouble as to fillin in the body

    where do i go from here?

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    1. Check for self-assignment. If this is the case exit.

    2. Iterate through the old list deleting all existing nodes.

    3. Iterate through list to be copied creating new nodes as copies in the old list.

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