Thread: Where to store the data?

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    Where to store the data?

    Where do I store data that I don't want to disappear on the programs termination?
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    You mean like a file?

    I like this tutorial,
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    look at the tutorials on this site on how to use functions of the <fstream> library to send and read data to a file.
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    Send it to a file. That's the only way to save the data on a program's termination.

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    There's rarely ever an 'only' way. You could also, for example, write it to the registry (goes into a file somewhere, but it's still somewhat different). Or, send it to a server somewhere on the net, that stays online 24/7. Or, print it, and on next startup have the user scan the printed sheet and parse the image with some OCR algorithm to retrieve the data. Plenty of ways to store data
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    Ok, Hunter, that's.. pedantic. :P

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    If you want you could have another process and use IPC to send the other process the data, then read it back when you start the program again. Many ways to save the data, though the most common has already been mentioned: files.

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