Thread: Information is not passing to txt

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    Information is not passing to txt

    How come the information is not passing to txt file

    PHP Code:
    void hotel::submenu() {     information n;     char choose;     int number=0;     int room;     char continues; (filename,ios::out|ios::app);          int single=100;     int doubler=200;     int triple=300;     cout<<"*******************"<<endl;     cout<<"Check In"<<endl;     cout<<"--------------- "<<endl;     cout<<"S->Single"<<endl;     cout<<"D->Double"<<endl;     cout<<"T->Triple"<<endl;     cout<<"Q->Quit "<<endl;     cout<<"*******************"<<endl;     cout<<"Enter the Type of Room you want: "<<endl;     cin>>choose;     cin.get();     choose=(char)toupper(choose);     n.type_room=choose;     int account_s=0;     int account_d=0;     int account_t=0;     int r_number;     char type;     string r_name;     string r_family;     string r_city;     string r_telephone;     int r_time;     double r_price;     if (choose=='S'||choose=='D'||choose=='T')         {   ,ios::in);             if (infile==NULL)             cout<<"Error opening the file"<<endl;             while(!infile.eof())             {                 infile>>r_number>>r_name>>r_family>>r_city>>r_telephone>>type>>r_price>>r_time;                 if(type=='S')                 {                     account_s++;                 }                 if (type=='D')                 {                     account_d++;                 }                 if (type=='T')                 {                     account_t++;                 }             }             single=single-account_s;             doubler=doubler-account_d;             triple=triple-account_t;             infile.close();             if (type=='S')             {                 single=single+1;             }             if (type=='D')             {                 doubler=doubler+1;             }             if (type=='T')             {                 triple=triple+1;             }             if (n.type_room=='S')             {                 if (single!=0)                 {                     cout<<"Total single bed available is "<<single;                     cout<<"\nHow many single bed you need?";                     cin>>number;                 }                 else                 {                     cout<<"\nSorry,No Room available.";                 }             }             if (n.type_room=='D')             {                 if (doubler!=0)                 {                     cout<<"Total double bed available is "<<doubler;                     cout<<"\nHow many double bed you need?";                     cin>>number;                 }                 else                 {                     cout<<"\nSorry,no room available.";                 }             }             if (n.type_room=='T')             {                 if (triple!=0)                 {                     cout<<"Total triple bed available is "<<triple;                     cout<<"\nHow many bed you need?";                     cin>>number;                 }                 else                 {                     cout<<"Sorry,no any room Available.";                 }             }             cin.get();             cout<<"First Name : ";             cin>>;             cout<<"Family Name : ";             cin>>;             cout<<"City : ";             cin>>;             cout<<"Tel : ";             cin>>n.telephone;             cout<<"Charge :";             cin>>n.cost_perday;             cout<<"Days : ";             cin>>n.time;             int flag=0;             for (int i=1;i<=number;i++)             {                     cout<<"Room NO.: "<<endl;                 cin>>room;                 if (n.type_room=='S')                 {                     if(room<100 || room>199)                     {                         cout<<"You Should Choose The Number Between 100 And 199"<<endl;                         cout<<endl;                         i=i-1;                         continue;                     }       ,ios::in);                 while (!infile.eof())                 {                         infile>>r_number>>r_name>>r_family>>r_city>>r_telephone>>type>>r_price>>r_time;                         if (room==r_number)                         {                                    cout<<"You Should Choose Other Room.This is occupied."<<endl;                             cout<<endl;                             flag=1;                             i=i-1;                             break;                         }                         else                         {                             flag=0;                         }                 }                 infile.close();                 if (flag==1)                 {                     continue;                 }                                  }                 if (n.type_room=='D')                 {                     if(room<200 || room>399)                     {                         cout<<"YOU Should Choose The Number Between 200 And 399"<<endl;                         cout<<endl;                         i=i-1;                         continue;                     }        ,ios::in);                  while (!infile.eof())                     {                         infile>>r_number>>r_name>>r_family>>r_city>>r_telephone>>type>>r_price>>r_time;                         if (room==r_number)                         {                             cout<<"You must choose other room.This is occupied."<<endl;                             cout<<endl;                             flag=1;                             i=i-1;                             break;                         }                         else                         {                             flag=0;                         }                     }                                      infile.close();                     if (flag==1)                     {                         continue;                     }                     if (n.type_room=='T')                     {                         if(room<400 || room>499)                         {                             cout<<"You should Choose The Number Between 400 And 499"<<endl;                             cout<<endl;                             i=i-1;                             continue;                         }           ,ios::in);                     while (!infile.eof())                     {                         infile>>r_number>>r_name>>r_family>>r_city>>r_telephone>>type>>r_price>>r_time;                         if (room==r_number)                         {                              cout<<"You Should choose other room.This is occupied."<<endl;                             cout<<endl;                             flag=1;                             i=i-1;                             break;                         }                         else                         {                             flag=0;                         }                     }                     infile.close();                     if(flag==1)                     {                         continue;                     }             }              (filename,ios::out|ios::app);             outfile<<room<<" ";             outfile<<<<" ";                            outfile<<<<" ";                            outfile<<<<" ";                            outfile<<n.telephone<<" ";                           outfile<<n.type_room<<" ";                            outfile<<n.cost_perday<<" ";                           outfile<<n.time<<endl;                            outfile.close();                        }         cout<<"The Check In Is Finished"<<endl;         cout<<endl;         }         if (choose=='Q')         {             main();         }               cout<<"Another Check In (Y/N)"<<endl;     cin>>continues;     if(continues=='y'||continues=='Y')         main();     } } 

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    I suggest cutting down your program piece by piece ubntil you ifnd the error. Start with something like:
    std::ofstream outfile("test.txt");
    outfile << "Can you see this?" << std::endl;
    and see if it works.

    I noticed you open outfile twice in your code, is that correct? If you temporarily close it in-between, I think you have to call the clear() method to nullify certain flags if set (may not be neccessary in your example, I dunno).

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    have you removed the filenames intentionally cos they dont seem to be initialised? they should probably give you errors in lines like this:

    Code: (filename,ios::out|ios::app);
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