Thread: contents of a vector object in ddd

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    contents of a vector object in ddd

    When using ddd (Data Display Debugger) to debug C code, it can be used to look directly inside the contents of an array, by right-clicking on the array name and selecting "display".
    In my case this has proved invaluable for looking at a binary tree data structure whose nodes contain arrays.


    I've just moved the program to C++, and started to use vectors instead of arrays.

    Now I can't use ddd to look at the entire contents of a vector.
    It displays the name of the vector and the phrase <no data fields>

    If anybody knows how to get ddd to display vectors, I'd be much obliged for their advice.

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    It depends on what debugger you're using; MSVC 2005 (free!) by default seems to allow you to view the contents of STL containers. Unless the feature is built-in somehow, I doubt any amount of tweaking will help short of manually displaying the contents of each vector as part of your program.

    Alternately, you can try copying individual elements of the vector out, and view the values stored in the temporary variables.
    int value;
    for(std::vector<int>::iterator it = theVector.begin(); it != theVector.end(); ++it)
       value = *it;  //In the debugger, watch value change as you run through the loop.
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    I don't know about ddd, but because the vector is guaranteed to use contiguous storage for its elements, you can use &v[0] to get the address of the first element and just treat it like a regular array.

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    On the other hand, since [] is a function for vector, the ddd might not be able to evaluate the expression.

    However, it should be possible to look at its private data members, including the pointer to the actual memory. Which should make your ddd list the vector's content.
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