Thread: a real beginner in Visual - Q about dialog problem

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    Talking a real beginner in Visual - Q about dialog problem

    Hey everybody!

    I'm new in here, and I just started with visual .
    I don't really have much of experience with C/C++ so go easy on me, okay? thanks! :-)

    just a little question, (btw, I wrote everything in the MFC Classes)
    I created a dialog box (CDialog), and over there I created a button that opens a new dialog that I created (CNewDialog).

    evertything works fine, and all the stuff that I work that these dialogs should do is working great, but the thing is that after I compile the project and I click on the button to open CNewDialog, the Dialog looks weird...!

    I draw the dialog normally, and in visual it looks great, but when I run it, it has on the background that "TODO:....." static message, and the OK and Cancel buttons, just like the default dialog when you create a new project.

    I really don't understand why it happens, or how to get rid of this! PLEASE HELP!!!


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    In case you weren't aware, what you are doing is called 'windows programming'. There is a specific forum called, you guessed it, "Windows Programming" where you may have better luck getting your question answered.

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    yeah, I thought maybe it should be it, but I wasn't sure...

    anyway, THANKS :-)

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    And the really bad news...

    Windows programming is not for beginners. MFC is supposed to make it "easy", but you should really know the basics of C++ first.

    Are you working from a book? Does the book say what you need to know to get started? There is at least one book "out there" that takes you from ground-zero to Windows... I don't own it, and I can't think of the title right now. Also, I don't know if that book teaches MFC or WinAPI.*

    It's no fun making DOS-like text-based programs, but you're probably going to be lost if you don't get comfortable with standard C++ first. If you were taking a Windows programming class, one semester (or two) of C++ would probably be a prerequisite.

    *[EDIT] -
    The book is Beginning Visual C++, by Ivor Horton. He does use MFC.
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    Hey, first of all, I'm not a student yet, I'll be one next year. I'm studing it by myself.

    I'm not a complete beginner in C++, and I know all about the "for", "if", "switch" (etc.) statements, and for all it worth, I'm used to write games in actionscript (marcomedia flash), and some physics and stuff, of course its MUCH more simple over there, but its something...

    the problem with C++ windows interface is that its really uncomfortable when you don't really know it. I do get along with it somehow, and I'm writing some stuff, its just that this problem was pretty weird and I don't really know where to start looking...

    anyway, thanks

    I am using a book (visual in 21 days), its a pretty good one, but I always try some more stuff myself, that how you really get to know the language.

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