Thread: reiinitialsing a variable

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    reiinitialsing a variable

    hi can anyone help me here;

    i have a while loop that carries out some operations on an array ive named arrayQ - at the end of the loop i want to reinitialise arrayQ back to its original value which i have stored in an array called array_Qcopy.

    for some reason the code below doesnt work, on the first loop through the while statement - the original value changes to the modified one - instead of the modified one changing back to the original.

    for( k = 0; k < size; k++)		
    {array_Q[k] = array_Qcopy[k]; }
    please help !!!

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    Without seeing how you declared (and used) these arrays prior to this, it's hard to say whether you're doing the right thing or not.
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    You should also probably perform your operations on the copy, rather than the original. std::vector might be a better choice though.

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