Thread: Undefined Type or something of sort

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    Undefined Type or something of sort

    How would you got about doing something along the lines of:

    int size;
    char array[size];
    This gives an error because size is not set. Even if I initialize size at start up and then give it a value later on, array[size] will remain at the original value of size. I am trying to avoid declaring the char array after getting the info from the user. Dont ask me why but thats what I want to do. I believe it is possible but not sure. Thanks for any feed back.


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    Ignoring compiler extensions, array sizes must be known at compile time. Their is no standard method to make the array size based off of user input.

    There are alternatives however:

    make array a char * and after you get the size from the user use new[] to allocate the memory. Just remember to use delete[] to deallocate it.

    You can also use a vector<char>. After you get the user's input call the resize member function to set the size.

    Since you are dealing with an array of char you can also look at std::string

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