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    Question Variable Function?

    I was wondering if it is possible to call a variable function? Such as:
    std::string Func = "CallThisFunction";
    It would call CallThisFunction... I doubt it's possible, but if it is it will save me quite a bit of coding

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    One way is to set up a map, so long as all the called functions have the same prototype.

    Something along the lines of
    #include <map>
    typedef void (*fntype)(void);
    std::map<std::string,fntype> mapping;
    // then set things up
    mapping["CallThisFunction"] = func;
    // then use is
    mapping["CallThisFunction"] ();
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    ...ahhh, I was wondering how to conjure up an associative array in C++. You can do something similar with two 'parallel arrays' if the STL is too frightening or is hidden behind a cloud of ignorance:

    string names[3] = {"func1", "func2", "func3"};
    void (*pfuncs[3])(void) = {func1, func2, func3};
    string f = "func2";
    for(int i = 0; i < (sizeof names/sizeof names[0]); i++)
    	if(names[i] == f)
    A function pointer starts with the pointer:


    and then you add parentheses around it:


    and then you add the return type and the parameter type(s):

    void (*pfunc)(void)

    For an array of function pointers, you add in the array size:


    That also requires that the return types and parameter types are identical for all your functions.
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