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    nmea sentence

    Hey people,

    Im working with NMEA sentences and am having trouble parsing them. The NMEA sentence is delimited by commas. So, I have to parse this line and store the data inbetween the commas.
    i.e. ,temp,temp1,temp2,,

    The problem is I am using a program called wiz-c to do this and it does not have methods normally made available in C++.

    So I have came up with this bit of code

    skipComma(1);      // skips the first comma
    ch=WaitRx();         // reads data into a temp ch variable
    if(ch!=',')               // if ch does not equal comma then
    data=ch;              // Store ch in variable called data
    data=''           // If ch does equal comma then set data to nothing
    I have to do this 10-15 times and record the data in each field.
    This doesnt seem to work, anyone got any ideas?

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    You only store a single character, store an entire string instead. Read characters until a comma is found, then store the entire string you got so far and start over. Repeat until EOF (end of file) is found.
    list all_words = EmptyList();
    string current_word = "";
       char current_char = GetChar();
       if(current_char == ',')
          current_word = "";
          current_word += current_char;
    (the functions above are pseudo-like, use whatever functions exists on your system)

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