Thread: Array of classes within class definition

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    Array of classes within class definition

    Does anyone know how to get this code to work? It compiles fine in Visual Studio, but not in Borland. I need this to work in Borland.
    All I want to do is locally decare an array of classes within a class, and initalise them to their relevant values. However, in Borland I keep getting these errors:

    [C++ Error] TJunction.h(21): E2034 Cannot convert 'A' to 'A[3]'
    [C++ Error] TJunction.h(28): E2176 Too many types in declaration

    class A
        A(int i) : m_i(i) {}
        int m_i;
    class B
        B() : m_A(A(1), A(2), A(3)) {}
        A m_A[3];
    Any help would be greatful
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