Thread: Tutorial recommendations?

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    Tutorial recommendations?

    The range of graphics tutorials on the www is overwhelming & baffling for someone (me) who knows virtually nothing about graphics programming.

    To start, my immediate goal is to be able to write a c++ program that can read in a color .bmp image, display it, and manipulate the data in the file mathematically to display the color components separately, change the color balance of the picture by writing functions to change the entries for one color (or all of them) and be able to display the image with my modifications.

    I'd like to learn to do this (I assume it's do-able, right?) using C++ in Windows using Dev-C++ or MSVC 6.0, and also using g++ in a linux/gnome terminal.

    Can you suggest any specific websites where I can learn how to do this, or at least suggestions on what to look for to narrow down the search?

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    My Opinion Is that you go on WinAPI!

    Just for graphics. That can be display on both OS.
    I dont know I think the best is OpenGL for that!
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    Not interested in OpenGL right now. I want to learn to manipulate data captured from cameras, etc, for AI applications like image recognition, etc.

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