Thread: reading from a text file a certain amount

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    reading from a text file a certain amount


    i was wondering, if you were reading information from a text file,could you control the amount read in?

    For example, if you had 3MB of data (just sequences of letters) in a text file, could the program read like 10,000 characters inside from that 3MB file.

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    A for loop reading 10000 characters ought to do it.

    Or use one of the read() functions, and point at a buffer of 10K chars, and ask it to read 10K
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    If you mean read the first 10000 characters, just read 10000 characters (as explained above).
    If you mean to start reading after the 10000th character, use seekg() to go to that spot:
    std::ifstream file("myfile.ext");
    file.seekg(10000, std::ios::beg);;

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