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    overwrite words in textpad

    hi, im having a problem overwriting a word (not appending or any other sort of thing), from a text file. Actually, i have no idea how to do it. Im using c++. The thing is, i make the user input a string, and replace it with a word in the text file.
    I also have another problem, you see, i want to store the result of ' system("ver") ' in a string, is it possible to store system commands or not? if its not, could someone please tell me how to detect an operating system with c++.

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    The thing is, i make the user input a string, and replace it with a word in the text file.
    Why don't you describe in detail what you want to happen here. Maybe write down 1-5 on a piece of paper and fill in the exact steps.

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    If you don't know how to do any of this, take some time to work your way through the tutorials. You'll learn about strings, user input and file I/O.

    Then, here's how I suggest you proceed:

    1- Make a string and replace one character in the string. (No user input yet).
    2- Replace a word in the string.
    3- When that works, add user-input. Get the string from the user.
    4- When your string-replacement works with user input, add the code to read the string from the file.

    system() returns an int, not a string.
    int system(const char *s);
    If s is not a null pointer, the function passes the string s to be executed by a command processor, supplied by the target environment, and returns the status reported by the command processor. If s is a null pointer, the function returns nonzero only if the target environment supplies a command processor. Each implementation defines what strings its command processor accepts.
    If you're running Windows, #include <windows> and use GetVersion().

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