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    Templates and overloaded ==

    Hey guys while working on a new crappy game I have stumbled across a problem. I am trying to use a template for a overloaded == in my class for collision. I am not good with words here is the code
    #ifndef character_h
    #define character_h
    #include <allegro.h>
    class character
      character(int x, int y, const char *image1, const char *image2);
      template <class T>
      bool operator ==(T &obj);//handle collisions
      BITMAP *retImage() const;//returns current image  
      Decided to make these variables public because they would be accessed 
      alot and functions to get and set them would be a waste
      int xPos;//character's x coord for drawing
      int yPos;//character's y coord for drawing
      int currentImage;//to hold currrent image for switching image for movement
      int left;//left coord for collision
      int right;//right coord for collision
      int top;//top coord for collision
      int bottom;//bottom coord for collision
      BITMAP *image[2];//The characters image  have two for "animation"
    template <class T>
    bool character::operator==(T &obj)
      return !(right < obj.left||obj.right < left||bottom <||obj.bottom < top);
    All seems to be well with this but when I go to use it in my code for some detection I get an unresolved linker error. Its just a simple if statement eg.
    if(player == enemy)
      //do stuff
    Is there some way that I need to be handling the enemy. I know with templates and functions that you would do an <type> before you would call it but that doesn't seem reasonable here.

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    Dunno. What's the linker error (what symbol is unresolved)? It could be something else down the line that's causing the problem.

    Hm, isn't there something about templates always having to be defined inside the header (i.e. not in a separate .cpp file)? Not sure if that applies here, but it's worth a shot.
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    How new am I forgetting to post the error .
    [Linker error] undefined reference to `bool character::operator==<character>(character&)'
    [edit]Your method worked hunter. Thank you[/edit]

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