Thread: Changing program from .cpp to .exe

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    Changing program from .cpp to .exe

    Hi there. Its late Im tired, and im intelligence slips me at the moment. Whenever I make a program using the dev-C++ compiler it always saves a .cpp version and a .exe version. The .cpp to edit it and the .exe so i can run my program! I just finished a program and its only saving a .cpp file. How do I manually make the program .exe so i can use it. This is probably the most simple question ever asked and im gonna kick myself when i get an aswer, but please help me lol.

    Thx again

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    open the .cpp in dev and press <F9>

    or, since you're using dev-cpp, open up a command prompt, navigate to
    and type
    g++ file.cpp -o file.exe
    that will leave you with an exe that you then have to run manually.

    there really is no way to 'manually' make the .cpp file into a .exe file. that's what the compiler is for. and just FYI, dev-cpp is not a compiler. it's actually an Integrated Development Environment, or an editor, compiler, linker, etc. all packaged up nice and neat. what dev-c++ uses is a MingW port of the GCC compiler, originally written for UNIX. the second method I showed you invokes that compiler directly without going through dev-c++ to get to it.
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    .cpp files            \
    .h files               \     Compiler        __________
    std header files            --------->      |.exe file |         
    the kitchen sink       /                    |__________|                    

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    Your forgot the linker which would leave you with an unresolved kitchen sink

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    Your forgot the linker which would leave you with an unresolved kitchen sink
    Nope. Left it out on purpose.

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    So that's where my kitchen sink is.

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    If SDL i s only saving your code when you compile, you probably have a linker error or something. Click on one of the buttons on the compile menu that isn't run, ok, close, etc. I think it says results.

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