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    object identity and vector erase()

    This might take a look of explanation, but i want to make my problem clear. I have two classes one called Student and the othe Course, each one points to each other and preserves object identity. the Student class has a vector of Course* (course pointers) and Course has a dynmaic array of Student pointers. I need to write a function called

    void drop_course(Course* c) //Student function that takes a course                                                                //pointer
    This function must use iterators to remove the Course form the student and also the Course must then remove the student.

    Also i need to write a function in my driver that will drop all the courses the student is in.

    Again i must use iterators

    Does any one have any advice im fairly new to the concept of object identity and the use of iterators.
    Thanks alot!

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    Check out std::find().
    Alternatively iterate the vector manually with an iterator (std::vector<Course*>::iterator).

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