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    How to approach this ...

    The Problem is:
    My application monitors the cpu usage of local machine and whenever cpu usage goes below 10%, it will send the ip address to an already designated pc, lets say a server, and that server will send some file to the 1st machine.

    Now plz guide me how should i approach this problem?
    What should i know to code such application?
    Specially, how to monitor CPU usage?
    I am using the Windows platform!

    Thanx in advance!

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    >I am using the Windows platform!
    Restoring a minimized window takes up more than 10% of the CPU on a Windows machine. So basically you want your client program to retrieve files from a server program while the machine is idling?
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    Its the same concept as screen saver. my application should be activated when the machine is idle!

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    Why not just /write/ a screen saver, and whenever it kicks in, make good use of the send() and recv() functions to transmit binary data between the two machines?

    Edit: I'm not fuzzy-warm on the details. Something like Folding@home is what I mean.

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