Thread: a weird header file

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    Question a weird header file

    I have MSVC++.NET, and i keep getting compiler errors
    I'm following some code instructions from a book, and I'm double checking my typing, but I still get compiler errors.

    For Example:
    1)The compiler cannot recognize "#using <mscorlib.dll>"
    2)The compiler cannot recognize "#using "stdafx.h"

    What is "stdafx.h" and what can I do to fix these problems?

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    stdafx.h is a precompiled header that will be automatically included unless you create an empty project. mscorlib.dll is a header for managed C++ IIRC, but creating an empty project will solve both problems.

    It looks like you made a manged .NET application and then deleted the automatic code that was generated for you. Now the compiler is looking for those headers in your code and can't find them.

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