Thread: Changing drive letter to go on a network

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    Changing drive letter to go on a network

    Hello, I wanted to make a program for myself and give it to my system administrator for a system flaw I found in the school network.

    What we have: A network with several users that have his/her own personal folder.
    What is flawed: Other people can get in other certain users' folders, most are blocked.
    What I want to do: Get a directory listing of those accessibly through my user name

    Hark, nobody make the source code to do this. I only want to find out how you can change into another directory in DOS (The system("h:\") command does not work.

    Here's a small code snippet that I've done so far:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    character = _getch();
    case 97:
    cout << "Type in a server name.\n";
    cin.getline(server, 49);
    system("net use h: \\\\(server IP/name)\\c");
    system("cd h:");
    system("cd h:\\");
    cout << "You have ? changed the directory ?";

    So far, I cannot change the directory using the cd command, and then using dir, because it will always show the C:\ directory, not the H:\.

    As I hope you can see (it's pretty easy to figure out what my code does) I only need to find out how to change to another directory in a network using the system() command if possible. (Please, simplified answers, I'm a beginner.)

    Thank you


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    Lightbulb try this

    In dos
    cd h:\

    doesn't work.
    cd = change directory not drive

    to change drives you just type the drive letter eg...

    try system("h:\\");
    that should take you to the h drive.

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    I have tried system("h:\\") myself, and it does go to the H:\ drive.
    However, when I execute the command system("dir") it displays the contents of the folder where my file contents are, not the H:\ drive content.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    I might have to learn new code to do this. (Beginner-friendly code)

    Oh, by the way, system("dir h:\\") or system("dir h:") does work, displaying directory information. But I need to get on the drive, not just get it from another remote computer in order to do a search, but I suppose searching from another computer on a program is possible by telling the program where to search. This is a method I'll have to consider.

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